Ceiling Stars.

We’ve simplified ceiling stars from a 5-step process to only 2:
#1 - lay out grid; #2 - burnish down stars.

Our stars are 8 inches in diameter and come in 2 finishes: gold metallic or simulated gold. Typically, when used on the ceiling, stars are spaced on a square grid, 2 feet apart.

Once the stars are installed, they should last as long as the temple is standing. Our experience with the same material has been exterior lettering that we made 22 years ago. To date: no fading, peeling or any other signs of deterioration.

PRICING (either finish):

1-99: $7.85 ea; 100-199: $4.95 ea; 200+: $4.25 ea


Star 1
Star 2
Metallic gold
Simulated gold

We recommend this blue paint for your ceiling:

If you prefer to use a different brand of paint, let us know and we will send you a color swatch.